Improve Performance and Effectiveness

Your office could be more efficient, productive and with happier people —
all while helping your staff manage stress, gain focus and increase their well-being.

These are just a few benefits of our Transformational Workshops and Coaching Services.

Presenting an Embracing Change Workshop

Lead presenter Shawn conducting a dynamic workshop


Mindful Workshop

If you are an event planner, DMC, resort, or convention center then be ready to be WOWED with a 20 minute demo of my most requested workshop:  The Mindful Workshop (fun, inspirational, educational and so engaging!).  Your client’s will love you for introducing them to this unique, timely, and totally empowering workshop.  Learn about other popular, valuable workshops here.

Need some fresh ideas for spouse events?  Get ready to be excited here.  You and your clients will love these fun & rejuvenating workshops.

Wellness Workshop
Presenting a corporate wellness workshop

If you manage a business that understands that happier, healthier employees = more productive & efficient employees then let’s talk about Wellness Workshops & Corporate Yoga. Did you know that employees with high emotional intelligence & high self-awareness are more skilled at conflict management and team collaboration? Raise your employees emotional intelligence (EQ) with these corporate workshops.

Mindful Selling Solutions

Sales people, business owners and sales managers would you like an effective tool to increase sales?  Then let’s talk about our results-driven, effective Mindful Selling Series.  Visit BreatheandSell for more. This program is designed around our conscience selling philosophy (results orientated around your core values) created by Shawn Bradford.  Schedule your first sales workshop here.  Are you just starting a business and need to learn how to prospect, grow your base, close more sales and retain clients?  We will teach you in our office with one on one sales coaching.  Schedule here.

Transformational Life Coaching

Do you desire to make changes in your life?  Are you ready to be guided forward towards your goals?  Do you want to design your dream job?  I would be thrilled and honored to guide you on your beautiful journey!  Learn more here.

Ready to connect?  You can get on the list, book time with me here or call 602 694 9053!