50 % off July Wellness Corporate Workshops

What will a wellness workshop do for your employees?  Increase productivity, clarity, focus, efficiency, health and overall well-being.  Workshop agenda following:


Opening Stretches:  Chair Stretches that anyone can do to release tension in  the neck and shoulders.  Chair stretches to wake up the body and get movement flowing to regain clarity.  Standing stretches to open the heart which is like a natural shot of espresso for the 2 pm slump.  This all creates productivity.


Movement:  Cubicle or office yoga moves (can be done in work clothing)to wake up the body, release tension and increase alertness.


Breathing techniques: to implement before a stressful call, before reacting to an upset client or employee.  Tips to calm the body and mind which helps our mental state.


Visualization techniques:  to increase confidence, create calmness and eliminate nerves and stress.  Very helpful before meeting with clients or giving a presentation to bring a confident, calm energy into the room.  Also, great for employee resolution and team building.


Mindful Eating:  During a healthy lunch (choice of Pita Jungle, Zoe’s Kitchen or Flower Child) we will discuss mindful eating.  This will assist with making healthier choices, being aware of what you are eating, slowing the eating process down and creating a healthier relationship with food.


Emotional Well Being/Team Building Exercise after lunch (time for one topic below or customized topic available upon request):

Team Building (Changing Perspectives) Exercise to promote employee resolution.
Transforming P.A.I.N. (Looking at areas in our life that provide us discomfort/fear and transforming that to positive action implemented NOW).
More/Less:  What do you want more of in your life?  Less of?  Creating mindfulness, clarity and action items to have more of what we want in our everyday lives.
Creative Coloring:  what is all the rage right now with adult coloring books?  Find out in this fun, creative workshop that is sure to get your creative side flowing which is proven to create more well-being and less stress.
GOALS:  4 fun, innovative ways to set goals, stick with them and hold yourself accountable while creating flexibility for your goals to change direction.
SALES:  How to find prospects, win business and retain clients.

Closing:  One more breathing technique for mental clarity and a summary of how to use these tools in our everyday lives.


I look forward to scheduling your wellness lunch n learn.  Please call/email to discuss dates and details.


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