7 Need to Know Tips to Find Clients

  1. Get out there!  Talk to people.  Knock some doors.  Yes, I am talking about a “cold call.”  Yes, it sounds scary, but it is effective.  You have to talk to people and let them know you and your product/service exist.  You could be a hair stylist, software salesperson, a yoga instructor or selling your custom line of headbands. It doesn’t matter. You have something great to sell and you have to get the word out.  If this is scary ask a friend to go with you.  Pick a retail or business spot.  Go into 10 places.  10 is key here.

Here is a roadmap for making a cold call

  • Deep breath, remind yourself how amazing your service/product is and project that amazingness out there!
  • Walk in with a big smile (smiles are contagious….you’ll see)
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask the person you are talking to his/her name
  • Introduce your product with enthusiasm (this is contagious too)
  • Relate to your prospect and ask an open ended question (Let’s say you are a yoga instructor wanting to bring yoga into offices:  “We all have daily stresses; what do you do right now to manage stress?”
  • Keep your purpose in mind.  Remember these are brief (a few minute) calls.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Do you want a business card to follow up?  Do you want to schedule an apt. with the decision maker?  Do you want to leave coupons?  Do you want to sign them up on your website?  Are you trying to get a feel for what folks think of your service?
  • Action item.  With your purpose in mind create your action step.  Let’s say we are selling software and we want to meet with the I.T. Director.  Ask if she/he is available.  If so, great.  Mission accomplished.  Schedule apt.  If not, ask for their card and the best time to follow up.
  1. Get on the phone. Follow up with the businesses that you have stopped into. You can also go to your local library and get a free resource list of businesses in the area with all the key information you need to make sales calls.
  2. Here is an example: “Hi, my name is Shawn with Bradford Transformational Coaching and Yoga.  Is this a good time?  Wonderful.  I would love to talk to you about brining yoga or other wellness programs into your office.  May I come by tomorrow or Wednesday?   Oh, you’re too busy?  Well I would love to show you how an office wellness plan can save you time by making your office more productive and efficient.  I will be right in your area tomorrow and Wednesday. Which is best for your schedule?”
  3. Social Media. Connect your website to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter and YouTube. Post regularly about your business, industry and what makes your business unique.
  4. Networking Events. The key here is to show up and start getting the word out about your business.  I have invested years into networking events and I learned you really do have to go consistently for about a year, connect, give referrals and then you will start to find business coming to you.
  5. Trade shows.  Go to industry trade shows and work them.  Engage each person that walks by.  How will you collect information?  How will you get people over to your table?  Follow up with everyone that visits your table.
  6. Partner with similar people in your industry.  If you are a real estate agent you would want to partner with a title company, home inspector, mortgage lender and so forth.  Share clients.
  7. Ask for referrals.  Ask each and every person that you work with if they can think of someone to refer you to.  If they cannot come up with anyone; prompt them.  Your friends?  Lawyer?  Banker?

You have a fabulous product and service and you deserve to have people know about it and buy from you.  So, get out there and find your clients!

I offer individual, group or corporate sales coaching and workshops.  I look forward to hearing from you.

shawn@shawnbradford.com or 602 694 9053

2 Comments on 7 Need to Know Tips to Find Clients

  1. Pasha Yamotahari | June 13, 2016 at 11:30 pm | Reply

    Great stuff! I’m planning on utilizing many of these tips this week. Thank you for the wonderful insights, I’ve seen some great results the past few weeks!

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