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About Shawn

Here are 10 quick facts about Shawn, founder of Breathe and Work and Breathe and Sell:shawn-profile-pic

  1.  Shawn has an education degree from Northern Illinois University.  Illinois is also where Shawn was born and raised.
  2. She found huge success in outside sales selling copiers through her 20’s which led to a hugely successful career in recruiting, training and managing sales teams.
  3. In Sept./Oct. 2006 Shawn made national news on the sales circuit with an article in OFFICE DEALER on Sales Superstars:  Three Top Sellers Share Their Success Stories by Jim Rapp.
  4. From 2009-2012 Shawn listed & sold just over 200 bank owned homes as a new agent to the market in 2008!  Seasoned agents wanted to know how this new agent was receiving so many listings so she taught REO classes to share her secrets of how to obtain new business (pstt….really just a lot of tenacious cold calling, phone calling and follow up!)
  5. Shawn loves spending time gardening, practicing yoga,  dancing, reading, going to the movies, hiking with her three kiddos and spending time with her amazing girlfriends.
  6. Shawn received her yoga teacher training certificate and transformational coaching certificate in 2016.
  7. She works in Central Phoenix, loves vacationing at the beach and travels for workshops when requested.
  8. Yoga, meditation, journaling and amazing friends are the secrets keeping Shawn balanced and aligned while running a successful business and raising three kids.
  9.  Shawn’s passion is to help other’s feel good, enjoy the moments of their lives and release a bit of stress to feel lighter each and every day.  The healing properties of breathing, yoga, meditation and visualization  are available to everyone and her mission is to spread these powerful teachings.
  10. When Shawn is not presenting an inspiring workshop or hanging with her kids you can find her teaching a public yoga class at LA|Fitness and Urban Yoga or teaching a public coaching workshop at Urban Wellness.



If you want to keep reading more about Shawn here is a longer intro from her directly:

“I love bringing wellness, clarity & mindfulness to my corporate clients and individual clients through keynotes, conferences & convention meetings, corporate workshops and private events.  I also enjoy working with my clients through private coaching & yoga instruction.
I love seeing my clients become clear on obstacles that were holding them back from their joy, their dreams and from living the life they want to live.

Shawn presenting an engaging, lively workshop

Shawn presenting an engaging, lively workshop

I absolutely love teaching corporations how to include 2 to 5 minute stress releasing breaks throughout the day which results in WAY happier employees and a more efficient, productive office.
Why? Because over the past five years I completely transformed myself and created the life I had only once dreamed of. I want to help you, your clients and your employees do the same.
Here is my story;

I thrived for 15 years in corporate sales mostly due to my tenacious nature, disciplined work ethic, consistent follow through skills and my ability to connect with people. I worked long hours, was wound up like a clock permanently on fast forward and fueled myself with my all day coffee habit.

A close friend suggested I chill out with yoga, but my disdain for the practice increased as I lay in my first savasana (final resting pose) as I thought about how ridiculous it was to waste time lying down.
At the same time I was having babies (3 kiddos in 5 years), trying to manage my huge house, survive in a marriage full of conflict, pay for all the stuff I didn’t have time to enjoy while I attempted to perform at the same level in my sales career that I did in my pre-kids days.
It wasn’t working. I was angry, lost, exhausted and looked forward to nothing much other than whatever TV series I was into.
I didn’t want to live and work like that. I knew I had to make changes and since I was a doer I just started to instinctively make little changes. The next part of my journey took about five years, but I will consolidate it in a few paragraphs for you.
Yoga kept calling so I kept going. I got divorced. I moved from the suburbs to central Phoenix into a house ½ the size. It took about 4 years, but I slowly reduced my monthly expenses by 1/3. I continued to go to yoga. I made new friends. I ate better (more healthy fats and lots more greens). I started reading books that completely inspired me. I meditated. With a lot less time, but with the influence of yoga & meditation I started performing better in my sales job by managing my stress, practicing mindful selling and by practicing visualization for closes.
After I witnessed how a daily yoga practice benefited every part of my life I became a yoga teacher. Next I became a life coach and by receiving so much coaching through my training; I became very clear that I was ready to leave my high earning, very cushy corporate sales job and start my own speaking, workshop, coaching and yoga business (which sounded really crazy because I had three kids to feed, clothe and house, but I had so much clarity that it was my path and I needed to offer my services to all my future clients that I went for it).
Here were the shifts that happened for me over the past five years: I slowed down. I stopped doing things that drained my energy. I paused before I reacted. I learned to be curious about myself, love myself and take care of myself. And somewhere along the way I started to enjoy each moment and find a lesson in each challenge that I was presented with.   Somewhere along this journey I started to embrace the uncertainty.
Somewhere in this process I dropped all the stories of why I couldn’t move forward to become a yoga teacher, a workshop presenter, a life coach, a happy Mom and I just decided to become the things I had always secretly wanted to become.
And that is what I want to help you with; dropping all the why not’s on the way to your goals and dreams.”