About Shawn

Here are 10 quick facts about Shawn, founder of Breathe and Work and Breathe and Sell:shawn-profile-pic

  1.  Shawn has an education degree from Northern Illinois University.  Illinois is also where Shawn was born and raised.
  2. She found huge success in outside sales selling copiers through her 20’s which led to a hugely successful career in recruiting, training and managing sales teams.
  3. In Sept./Oct. 2006 Shawn made national news on the sales circuit with an article in OFFICE DEALER on Sales Superstars:  Three Top Sellers Share Their Success Stories by Jim Rapp.
  4. From 2009-2012 Shawn listed & sold just over 200 bank owned homes as a new agent to the market in 2008!  Seasoned agents wanted to know how this new agent was receiving so many listings so she taught REO classes to share her secrets of how to obtain new business (pstt….really just a lot of tenacious cold calling, phone calling and follow up!)
  5. Shawn loves spending time gardening, dancing, reading, going to the movies and hiking with her three kiddos.
  6. Shawn received her yoga teacher training certificate and transformational coaching certificate in 2016.
  7. She works in Central Phoenix, loves vacationing at the beach and travels for workshops when requested.
  8. Yoga, meditation, journaling and amazing friends are the secrets keeping Shawn balanced and aligned while running a successful business and raising three kids.
  9.  Shawn’s passion is to help businesses increase sales, focus and profits while promoting well-being to its valuable employees.
  10. When Shawn is not presenting an inspiring workshop or hanging with her kids you can find her teaching a public yoga class at LaFitness or teaching a public coaching workshop at Urban Wellness.

About Rachel

Rachel has been an active, open-minded yogini for a little over four years now. Native of Phoenix, she enjoys the sun and

Rachel our talented Content Strategist

the starry nights, and every bit of nature that this state has to offer! She believes finding a connection with yourself and

your environment is vital to finding a stable, balanced harmony in life. Rachel loves to keep things simple and sweet, and this inspires her writing on a daily basis.  Managing the content of the websites of Breathe & Work, Breathe & Sell, she also guides the social media advertising.  The journey through mindfulness has changed Rachel’s life, and she is elated to be a part of a company she believes in wholeheartedly.