If you want the short version, links to video, testimonial & a media kit then hop on down to the bottom of the page. If you would like the long version here is my story:

The first time I meditated was an awe-inspiring experience.  After a 20 minute guided meditation from a book I was reading by Deepak Chopra (I did not even realize the meditation was coming; but I was game) I stepped outside and everything was brighter and then an orchestra of goodness happened: a hummingbird flew in front of my face, followed by a butterfly and then a dragonfly (my three favorite flying creatures).
I was hooked.  While most of my meditations have not been that “magical” all have led me down the path of deeper self-awareness (especially the ones where my mind is super active and I observe & have learned to accept the thoughts).

Catapulted by a divorce and having my “normal” fall apart I unknowingly entered the path of awakening….to my true nature.

I first took class after class (life coaching, yoga teacher training, yoga nidra, guided visualization, Reiki I, II and III, earned my master’s in health promotion…. and the list continues), which illustrates my doing nature.  I am a DOER and when I discovered meditation, I wanted to find a way to only be a BEER, but I have learned to now find value in balancing both by being and doing nature.
My awakening has looked like this:  full of synchronicities, manifesting, meeting teachers and friends on the same path, to sensation all throughout my body when I meditate to sensations (tingling/pulsing) in specific areas of my body t/o the day, to a fascination with numerology and seeing cool signs such as a license plate with my initials and four 5’s.  That’s been the fun stuff.
The hard stuff is the work that I’ve been doing with it:  exploring when my victim archetype comes out to play and why, seeing a condescending “lectury” tone of mine reflected in one of my kids to their siblings, understanding the family legacies that I am keeping alive when I enter blame and resentment mode, and getting real clear on how I had been subconsciously creating chaos in my home life to keep a familial “comfort” pattern alive.
It’s a journey and I am learning to allow both the fun part of the journey (the manifesting) and the not so fun, but fascinating part of the journey (exploring those shadowing traits of myself judgement/blame/comparison/unworthiness) fully into my life.

With each moment in this journey I know these TRUTHS within myself:

  • I am here for a specific purpose (we all are)
  • Learning to balance the doing/being, feminine/masculine, light/dark is part of our human work
  • I must allow and accept my unique gifts, offerings and talents (we all have these and must embrace them)
  • Every moment is a fascinating realization of our inter-connectedness to each other & to the earth
A few other items about me that you might like to know when hiring me:
  • I hold a BS in education, a MS in Health Promotion, 100 hour yoga nidra certificate & 500 hour yoga certificate.
  • I customize my teachings to my audience so that the benefits of meditation & mindfulness can be relatable & received
  • I have 3 school age kiddos that are my biggest teachers
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