Mindful Journey

What Can Your Relationships Teach You?

Our relationships are our best teachers and often reflect back to us the things within us that challenge us and need to be brought to light. Welcome to day 19 for the 31 days of Mindfulness for the March Mindful Challenge.   Today’s mindful challenge is to take a look at…

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I Am Grateful For_______________________________.

Fill in the blank :  I am grateful for_________________. Welcome to day 16 of 31 days of mindfulness for the March mindful challenge. Today’s challenge is to list out at least three things that you are grateful for right now. Gratitude grounds us into the abundance that already surrounds us….

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A Mindful Strategy to Work with Strong Emotions & Stay Empowered

Welcome to day 15 in the 31 days of mindfulness challenge for March Mindfulness! Today’s Challenge:  Work with the Mindful Strategy R.A.I.N. when you feel stress, negative thoughts or a powerful emotion such as anger begin to take you over. When stress, anger or any other unwanted emotion takes us…

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