Breathe Into the Present: 31 Days of Mindfulness (March Mindful Challenge) Day 2: Plus a free gift!

The breath is incredibly powerful.  It is always with you and should be utilized at anytime to pull your awareness into the present moment.   Remember to grab your free gift below (breath meditation).

The present moment is where your energy lives

When we get caught up dwelling about the past we are living in regret and sometimes in depression.  When we start to create worrisome stories about some future event (that most likely will never happen!) we are caught up in anxiety.

When you find your attention living anywhere but the present pull it back to this moment with a deep inhale and slow exhale.  Remember your intention you set yesterday for day 1 of this mindful challenge?  State it here with each inhale and exhale.

One deep breath also has the ability to activate your relaxation response system so why not train your brain to get in the habit of taking a deep breath every time you are facing a stressful thought or event?

Start by spending 5 to 10 minutes each day in a mindful breath practice.  This will train your mind to stay in the present for longer periods of time while also training you to be aware of where your thoughts are.

How about starting today!?  My free gift to you is this professionally recorded breath meditation.  Grab it here and enjoy.

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