Can meditation really improve my employee’s performance? 

Yes!  And before you delete this post from your feed because of the word meditation consider this:  you are a business owner and you hired a new sales person about 90 days ago.  He has all of the ingredients to bring in a lot of business for you, but on sales calls you observe how nervous he is.  This nervousness makes the clients nervous and they don’t want to buy.

Office Meditation

Office Meditation

Now let’s teach your anxious sales person breathing techniques to reduce stress.  Let’s teach your sales person visualization to imagine positive outcomes that will build confidence.  Let’s also show him how meditation will aide in calmness and clarity.

Now imagine the same sales person after engaging in office sponsored meditation, visualization and breathing classes.  Picture him going to meet with clients.  Do you think he is going to bring a calmer, more confident energy?  YES!

Meditation also brings clarity, reduction in stress (which is linked to a huge amount of medical benefits), emotional intelligence, relaxation, improved memory, sense of purpose, connection with self, and better decision making.

Is it really this simple?  Can mindful breathing, visualization and meditation really bring all of these positive outcomes?  YES!

Let’s give you some facts so you can see that meditation is not just for monks, but for anyone that desires less stress and more focus.  The amazing benefits of meditation are the reason why companies such as Google, Apple, Nike, Yahoo, Deutsche Bank and Procter & Gamble (to mention only a few) all offer meditation rooms and/or meditation classes to their employees.
Well-known names such as Ellen DeGeneres, Clink Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, and Susan Sarandon (to name only a few) meditate.

Famous business executives and founders such as Ray Dalio (hedge fund manager), Salesforce owner Marc Benioff, Panda Express founder Andrew Cherng and former CEO Bill George (now teaches at Harvard Business School) all meditate.

So, what exactly is meditation? Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath,movement, or attention to self in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.   Source

Want some hard facts for why meditation should be introduced into your office?  Here are four:

1.      Meditation makes you more relaxed.  Meditating lowers blood pressure.  Source

2.      Improved concentration and productivity.

3.      Reduce Stress & enjoyment of increased health.

4.      Increased work satisfaction (2-4 from this source).

Are you convinced that meditation can help you and your employees reduce stress and increase clarity and focus?  But are you asking how to get started?

You can start by hiring a professional to start a meditation program (I’d love to help;  give me a call:  602 694 9053), but you can also do this yourself as well:

1.     Find a vacant room in your office or space and clear it of clutter.  Offer a relaxing cushion or blanket to sit on.  Make this space as inviting and relaxing as possible, but just free of clutter and clean is a great start!

2.     Watch this video here to get started.

3.     If you have never meditated before just sit cross legged, palms up, close your eyes and breath.

4.     Concentrate first on your breath.  Count a 5 breath in and a 5 breath out.  You might stay here for 5 minutes focusing on your breath.  This is calming in and of itself.

5.     Or think of a mantra to repeat.  Whatever you need for that day.  “I am strong.”  “I am relaxed.”  “I am balanced.”  “I am happy, healthy and well.”  “I will be done.”  As you inhale and exhale focus on your mantra.

6.     Offer a CD player (or IPAD with apps) with a guided meditation as another option.  Just type in Meditation in your APP store and read the reviews.  Your local library will have a selection of meditation CD’s and/or DVD’s for you to test out.  Offer these in the meditation space so that your employees have an option of sitting in silence or of being guided.

7.     Be open with what happens.  Notice after one session (even a few minutes of sitting quietly focusing on your breath) that you feel calmer and more focused.

Enjoy the benefits and look forward to less stress and more focus, clarity and wellness.

For additional guidance and resources please connect with me at or 602 694 9053.


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