Meditation to Heal Your Perfectionist Inner Child

The inner child is the child-like aspect of our adult self.  When we remain unconscious of this inner child we can become trigged by hidden pain from our past and then the hurt, fearful child leads the show by reacting to the unconscious pain resulting in immature communication and actions…

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Breath Meditation to Calm, Center and Focus

Your breath can be used as a powerful tool to anchor you into the present moment.  Focusing on your breathing can also be used to take your attention away from a stressful moment, fearful thought or anxious event.  Bringing your awareness to your breath has the ability to calm the…

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7 Meditation Myths Tackled

I was teaching a group of busy executives the morning before their conference last week and the first group came into the room set aside for meditation tentative, but excited to try something new.  All participants were brand new to meditation and one asked “so are we going to sit…

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