Change Challenge: Change Your Surroundings, Observe & Change Your Thoughts

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If you are trying to embrace a change or make a change this challenge is for you!

 Change Your Surroundings

Change is constant and we face change on a daily basis, but instinctually we view change as a threat.

This challenge is all about training our brain and ourselves to embrace change, flow with change, and instill daily changes that we know will take us to our next level in our growth.

Today’s challenge is all about changing up something in our daily surroundings to spark insight, creativity and new perspectives.

Here are some ideas:

☆ Take 10 minutes and clear out clutter from your work space. Notice if a clutter-free zone helps you think more clearly.
☆ Do something different at your work break today. Always work through break? Get outside in the shade and soak up nature, read a book, or call a friend. Just refresh!
☆Take a different route home from work to grow your brain.
☆ If possible work in a different space today. Simply moving my desk to a window has done wonders for my energy.
☆It’s Friday night! Try something new. Look at your local city for suggestions. For my Phoenix peeps checkout Need a good night’s sleep instead and want something different? Come and try yoga nidra. My schedule is here.

Making a small external change to our daily environment or routine will spark internal, good-for-us changes with lasting results.

Change Your Thoughts.  Change you Life.

Observe your thoughts and if you catch yourself in negative self-talk, perfectionism, self-judgement or any unkind thoughts say
CANCEL, CANCEL and pull out your inner cheerleader and replace those thoughts with a powerful mantra such as “I accept myself,” “I’ve got this,” or any words that uplift you.

Really, this is a lifelong journey but one we can start now.

I also know that it’s not always this simple. There was a time in my life where I used any distraction possible to avoid being by myself with my thoughts. They were terrifying and I couldn’t handle them.

And this is why I love meditation so much. I was first introduced to guided meditation and it was such a gift. It gave me space to be with myself. Slowly self-acceptance started to creep in and I could start to handle hearing my own inner voice. From there I accepted what I heard, but also started to change the inner dialogue to something a lot more kind and loving. Always a work in progress, but awareness is key.

So today, even just once, notice the thoughts and if they’re any less than uplifting change them. Overtime we will start to notice our outer world reflected by our inner thoughts.


Stop Fighting Your Negative Thoughts.

Today work on being the observer of your thoughts.  This challenge is inspired by this article from Psychology Today.

If a negative or worrisome thought comes up know that we always have the choice to believe if it’s true or not. Then ask yourself these 3 questions:

☆Is this thought true?

☆Is this thought important?
☆Is this thought helpful?

Then reframe your thoughts.

You hear yourself say: “I’m going to blow this interview.” Reframe and say to yourself “I hear myself saying I’m going to blow this interview.” This process helps us to recognize that we are not our thoughts and we are empowered to believe our thoughts or not. We are then empowered to choose a different thought.

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