Change Challenge Day 2: 10 Amazing Things That Happened Today!

Today’s challenge has three parts

1. Write down 10 great things that happened yesterday or today. Yesterday we discussed how we have negativity bias, but we also know that we can create new pathways in the brain (positive pathways). So let’s start teaching our brain to look at the positive side of the coin in any situation. Doing a simple exercise each day of writing down 10 great things that happened is a wonderful way to search for the positive. It also teaches us to appreciate the small good things that happen each day and not just the big.

2. If you’re working on creating a new healthy habit start the ritual today. It could literally just be for one minute and here’s why: we need to start creating that new brain pathway so that eventually it’s second nature to you. So for example let’s say you want to meditate for 15 minutes every morning. Going to that spot and sitting even for one minute with a still body is going to start the ritual today. Then tomorrow maybe you do one minute and 10 seconds. Maybe it takes 6 months to work up to 15 minutes, but so what? This is a habit we’re trying to instill probably for the rest of our lives. Be patient with yourself.
So today, your only job is to take even just a minute to start setting up that ritual.

3. Call your accountability partner, take a moment to congratulate yourself or just post here “I did it!”

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