Changing a Habit is Hard, but Possible: Mindfulness of Habits

Welcome to 31 Days of Mindfulness, Day 13 for the March Mindful Challenge.

Mindfulness of Changing a Habit

Today’s challenge is is to reflect upon habits that you do that are good for you (such as brushing your teeth each day) and habits that you do that are not serving your best good (such as habitual negative reaction to stress).

This video explains how our habits become automated, why it is hard to make a change, and how you can create new brain pathways for your new, good-for-you-habit when you stick with that change.

This video utilizes an activity from Debra Burdick’s  Mindfulness Skills Workbook.

Is there a habit that you want to release or change?  Start to simply observe yourself to recognize your habitual patterns.  Once you have awareness you can work on making changes.  Follow our daily challenge by subscribing to this blog for tomorrow’s mindful challenge.

Mindfulness practice can help to rewire the brain so it no longer automatically responds with anxiety, anger, fear or stress.  Mindfulness can help to decrease the negative pathways in the brain (Burdick, 2013).  Link to her Mindfulness Skills Workbook here.

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