How to Grow Your Business in One Hour & Your Own Two Feet!

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” -Mark Hunter

We are back to give you another tip or two to attract more clients and grow your business in the process!
We all have opportunities, and today we have a special guest that took advantage of a learning opportunity with Breathe & Work and Breathe & Sell. Doelis Panky and Shawn Bradford went out on their two awesome feet and hit the pavement-sales style.
In just one hour, Doelis has brought a new prospect into her sales cycle! Hooray! Success. It just takes hard work, and handling the opportunities you have in the most beneficial and constructive ways.
Working together always helps, learning new things to stay on top of your game, and to outshine your competition!

Here are those links we promised you!
~Mindful Selling Strategies Course:
~Juice Plus with Doelis Panky: &
~A few videos letting you know the basics of Juice Plus with Doelis Panky: &

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