How to start your day off bright, cheery and full of energy with Sun Salutations!

This video shows how to do Sun Salutations. You are literally saluting the sun and welcoming the day. What a beautiful way to begin your day!
This video was recorded on one of our hottest days in Arizona (about 117 later in the day) and although it is not fun to be outside in the heat of the day it is pleasant and nurturing for the body to ground for a least a few minutes first thing in the morning.
Since the audio is not great here are the instructions (I am open to any audio suggestions and tips on how to easily do a voice over):

Stand with your feet hip width apart, tall spine and shoulders away from your ears. Ground your feet down and lift your spine up.

Inhale your hands and gaze up.
Exhale, bend you knees if needed and fold forward.
Inhale half lift as hands come to the shins, lengthen your spine.
Inhale raise the hands, body and gaze up.
Exhale hands through heart center and by your side.
Take as many rounds as you wish.
Take a moment to scan your body when you are complete to notice how you feel.

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