Mindful Eating Challenge for 31 Days of Mindfulness (Mindful March)

Today’s Mindful Challenge:  Mindful Eating


  • Pick one meal to sit down and eat without distractions.

How to: 

  • Make yourself or buy a meal that you are excited about eating.  
  • Sit down at your table, outside or anywhere there are not distractions.
  • Commit to only focus on your meal (no working, reading or multi-tasking).  Just eating!
  • Notice how the food looks.
  • Notice how the food smells.
  • Take a bite and chew slowly.  How does the food feel in your mouth?  What sensations are involved? How does the food taste?
  • Eat your whole meal in this way.
  • Reflect when you are done eating.  What did you learn about yourself?

Did you have an easy or hard time sitting down to mindfully eat  your whole meal?  Share your experience!

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