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  • Powerpoint video to learn about my personal mission statement, skills, and experience
  • Powerpoint video to discover the benefits of mindfulness for your business
  • Powerpoint video to explore in greater detail my signature program Mindfully Rise Above Stress
  • Breath Meditation.
  • Video clip from a Mindfully Rise Above Stress speech
  • Resume
  • Mindfully Rise Above Stress health promotion program
This powerpoint video will walk you through my personal statement, skills, experience and show you through past experiences how my company, Breathe and Work, will teach your employees or audiences to empower themselves to take control of their health.
Learn the benefits of mindfulness and how my mindfulness program will provide you with a positive return on your investment.
Health Promotion Program: Mindfully Rise Above Stress; an in-depth look at this program.
Example of a meditation offering! Give this breath meditation a try!
Enjoy this video clip from a presentation on Mindfully Rise Above Stress

Health Promotion Program: Mindfully Rise Above Stress