Sales Training Workshops

Shawn presenting a workshop

Shawn presenting a dynamic, engaging workshop

Book your results-driven Mindful Selling 60 minute Workshop now if you are ready to increase sales!

Mindful Selling Series:   For the business that is ready to grow their sales, earn new clients and retain existing clients through a conscience, mindful approach while utilizing proven sales tools.  60 minutes each.  Series: Earn new clients with hot “cold calling” tips, Ultimate Guide to Phone Success, Rock your Presentation & Engage your Prospects & How to be a Closing Sales SuperStar.

Intuitive Selling Solutions:   Learn how to stop wasting time chasing clients that are not going to help you build your business.  Gain clarity on the prospects worth engaging with and know which prospects you need to drop now.   Learn to be a smarter sales person to maximize your efforts and save time.  60 minutes.

Tackle Fears and Mindfully Grow Your Sales:  Get clear on what is holding you back in your sales career.  Learn how to recognize and then remove blockages keeping you from reaching your goals. Break through self-set limitations to reach new levels of success in your sales career.  60 minutes.


Book your workshop now to see your sales soar!  All workshops will be customized to bring meaningful strategies and solutions to your  team.  A 30 minute phone meeting is included prior to workshop to review needs and desired solutions.  Start your customization process here:  Workshop Questionnaire

Shawn conducting group sales coaching

Shawn conducting group sales coaching