5 Step Stress Buster and Stress Management Workshop this Weekend!

We all have stress in our lives and we also have habitual ways in which we react to the stress. 
However, we have within us the power to bring about awareness of our stress triggers and to choose our reaction differently if we so desire.

Here is a five-step process to start building awareness around our stress reactions. Life sure does give us lots of opportunities to practice!

  1. Tell yourself right now that you are going to start getting curious about what triggers your stress reaction.

  2. The next time you start feeling stressed notice how your body is showing up to that stress. The body will start giving you clues before the mind reacts so when we pay attention to the body over time we can start catching ourselves before we habitually react.

  3. PAUSE. There are lots of ways to pause. Here are some examples of a pause: close your eyes, take a deep breath, tap your heart, squeeze and un-squeeze your fist, walk away, or anything else that works for you.

  4. That pause provides space; space in which to come back to Center so you get to decide how to respond to the stress versus the stress deciding how you will react.

  5. Reflect on that trigger. Dig deep. What’s at the root of it? Get incredibly and lovingly curious to start learning more about yourself and to start making the changes you want to make.

This Sunday at 2 p.m. we’re going to go deep into stress triggers, self-reflection, one minute stress busters and so much more. This is taking place at Urban Yoga in Phoenix, AZ.  Sign up here.

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