guided meditation

Self-Reflection Through Stress Management Training

This workshop is designed to teach mindful strategies to identify and effectively manage daily stress triggers. In this session Shawn teaches that we always have a choice:  We can let stress overtake us or we can mindfully take control of our stress.   Key learning objectives: -Discover three powerful breathing…

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Observation of Experiences, Reactions & Choices

Welcome to day 26 of the 31 days of Mindfulness for the March Mindful Challenge. Today’s challenge is to pay attention to our reactions to a pleasant experience and an unpleasant experience. By paying attention to our experiences and how we react to these experiences we can start to learn…

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7 Meditation Myths Tackled

I was teaching a group of busy executives the morning before their conference last week and the first group came into the room set aside for meditation tentative, but excited to try something new.  All participants were brand new to meditation and one asked “so are we going to sit…

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