A 44 Minute Guided Meditation: Yoga Nidra (Bringing Fear into the Light)

Yoga nidra, yoga sleep, is a guided meditation that takes you on an inward journey of relaxation, release and realization. Through breath awareness and body scan you are guided into deeper layers of your being. This yoga nidra is designed to help you to uncover a fear, examine it and…

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Earth Day Yoga Nidra Meditation

Earth Day Yoga Nidra Meditation for Self-Healing & Planetary Healing Deeply relax and restore your body, mind and spirit as Shawn takes you on a guided yoga nidra journey to heal your soul and the Earth. As we drop into a state of bliss we will send our loving &…

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Full Moon Workshop for Balance and Harmony. Release the Old & Bring in the New!

Under the Libra Full Blue Moon we are going to call in the: ✨Energy of balance ✨ Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, and relationships. In release we always find new pathways and open to opportunity. Join us for this full moon for insight, releasing, guided meditation and yoga…

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