yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra “Yoga Sleep” at Urban Yoga Sunday 1 pm to 2 pm

This is the yoga practice, available to all, that teaches you about yourself while offering the added benefits of: Relaxation Stress-management Solution for insomnia Pain management Heightened intuition Increased happiness, present moment awareness, feelings of peace, self-acceptance & self-love All of these benefits are received laying down while you are…

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Meditation to Heal Your Perfectionist Inner Child

The inner child is the child-like aspect of our adult self.  When we remain unconscious of this inner child we can become trigged by hidden pain from our past and then the hurt, fearful child leads the show by reacting to the unconscious pain resulting in immature communication and actions…

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Yoga Nidra to Embrace Change

This yoga nidra is designed to embody a new perspective on a challenge you are facing. Yoga nidra is an ancient, self-healing practice of relaxation that takes you into deeper states of awareness through breathe meditation, body scan, feeling into sensation, visualization and affirmation. Enjoy and trust you will have…

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