Transforming P.A.I.N. Positive Action Implemented Now (31 Days of Mindfulness Day 27)

Emotional, physical, and mental pain is a part of life, however, we don’t generally welcome it into our lives.  Although life is an experience of polarities and we wouldn’t know pleasure without knowing pain.

We can start looking at our pain as an important messenger in our lives.  We can start to get curious about the pain in our lives.  We can start to question the pain to learn from it.  Why is it here?  How did it get here?  Why is it lingering?  What do I need to learn from it?

Welcome to day 27 of the 31 days of Mindfulness for the March Mindful Challenge.

Download the free worksheet here Transforming P.A.I.N. Worksheet.

In this inquisitive fashion we learn.  In looking at our physical, mental or emotional pain we allow it to be so we can start to learn and grow from it.

Once we work with this pain and allow it to be the next question is this:  What is the best possible scenario for this pain?

Finally we turn this question into mindful forward action.  What are we willing to do to take an action step to turn our pain into growth & possibility?

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