Try Something New & Get in the Flow of Life


Welcome to day 21 and 22 of the 31 Days of Mindfulness March Mindful Challenge!

Challenge 1:  Try something new today!  Try something new today to shake up your routine! Trying new things takes us off autopilot and anchors our awareness fully into the present.

Here’s some ideas of things you could do today to shake up the routine:

Order a different type of coffee this morning.
☆ Take a different route to or from work.
☆ Eat your lunch outside today. Have a pop-up picnic.
☆ Listen to a different station on Pandora or however you stream your music.
☆ Try a different type of workout today. Normally do yoga? Pop into an Orange Theory or boxing gym instead.
☆ If you’re normally a black and white wearing type of person throw some color into the mix. Or vice versa.

Okay, I know you all probably have some super creative ideas so please share.♡ How do you mix things up? 

This photo is from last summer when I tried paddle board yoga for the first time ever thank you to my fabulous friend Rebekah!  This new experience completely challenged my balance and 100% anchored me into my body. So fun and exhilarating.

This mindful challenge today will get the creative juices flowing and open the doors to new possibilities.

Challenge 2:  Get in the Flow of Life:  “I flow through life with Grace and ease.” This is a beautiful mantra to repeat while you’re flowing mindfully with your breath.  (Video below to flow with).

A movement that is as simple as inhaling your hands up towards the sky and exhaling down through heart center will provide you with a mindful break anytime throughout the day and get you back into the flow of life.

When we control and fight against the flow we are in struggle and don’t accept what is. We make things so much harder for ourselves.

The moment we accept what is & flow with what life is bringing to us so many new opportunities and possibilities.  

Welcome to day 21 of the 31 days of mindfulness for March Mindful Challenge.

Today’s Challenge broken down: Take 5 minutes or less to look at an area in your life where you’re struggling. What would it look like just to accept this?

The moment we accept we stand in presence. We embrace the now. 

Sometimes I try to control so very hard how I think things should go that I get hit over the head with some pretty obvious and simple lessons. Here is one:

Awhile back I needed a sitter. Just as I picked up my phone to start going through my list of sitters, in my order of preference, the neighbor across the street messaged me that her daughter was home for break from college and would be happy to babysit anytime I needed it.
Now doesn’t it just sound like this would be the completely obvious way to secure a sitter?

But no, I was attached to the order I’d already planned in my head and I spent the better part of a day messaging those Sitters in the order I had already planned and waiting for a response before I moved on to the next. Well wouldn’t you know it, the first five or so sitters I went through were busy and of course we ended up with the gal across the street which was a fine and trusted choice.
The ease of the flow would have been to surrender to my pre-planned order of getting a sitter and just going with the obvious and easy choice presented to me.

So the challenge today is where in your life can you surrender to the flow to shower yourself with grace and ease?

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