Where do you hold your stress? 31 Days of Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness of stress hot spots in the body.


Do you know where you hold your stress and tension?

Challenge:  Today’s challenge for the 31 days of mindfulness is to gain awareness around where you hold stress in your body.

When we know where we hold our stress we can take a pause and do something to release that stress before it takes control of us.

How to take the challenge:  To create the connection between your mind and your body start to scan your body a few times a day. Do this also immediately after a stressful thought or event.

You are scanning your body to find the areas that feel tight or constricted. This is where you are storing tension and stress.

For example, after a stressful conversation with someone, take a pause and scan your body.  Notice the area(s) that feel tight.  If you find that you are holding stress in your shoulders and chest, take a pause, stand up, breathe and take a stretch to help alleviate the stored tension like in this photo above.

This awareness alone will start to alleviate holdings in the body and put you in control of your well-being.

In this photo I’m working with a fantastic and highly talented group of web designers and developers that are in the know: Releasing stress makes even more room for energy and creative flow.

If you would like a wellness series in your office contact shawn@breatheandwork.com.

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