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Presenting a corporate wellness workshop

Did you know that employees with high emotional intelligence & high self-awareness are more skilled at conflict management and team collaboration? Happier, healthier employees = more productive and efficient employees.  Raise your employees emotional intelligence, productivity and morale with these customizable corporate workshops here.

Sales Training Workshops

Grow your sales, attract new prospects and close more with a customizable mindful selling workshop.  Learn more here.

Sales Coaching

Ready to grow your business, expand your selling skills and learn how to efficiently manage the sales cycle?  Then learn more about sales coaching here.  Suitable for a new sales person to a veteran that desires to sharpen his/her skills.

Individual Life Coaching

Do you desire to make changes in your life?  Are you ready to be guided forward towards your goals?  Do you want to design your dream job?  I would be thrilled and honored to guide you on your beautiful journey! Learn more here.

Spousal Events

Let us help you create a fun, unique experience for your spousal events.  Click here for more information.


Individual and corporate yoga available.  Click here for more information.

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