Corporate Wellness Consulting

Hire Breathe and Work, PLLC to be your partner in creating an atmosphere of wellness, productivity and fun!  In turn a wellness program will decrease office stress and save money!  Here are a few facts with links to more details:

Less time is taken off of work by employees participating in work wellness programs. 28.3 % less time off work to be exact (source: Health Promotion Practitioner Magazine). Read more here.

Studies from Healthy People illustrate that for every $1 spent on workplace wellness, medical costs decrease by about $3.27 and increases productivity, with absenteeism costs decreasing by about $2.37 (Healthy People 2020, General Health Status, 2011).  Read more here. 

We’ll work together to create a customized program to fit your environment, goals, needs and budget.

We look forward to creating a wellness plan that inspires, encourages and has lasting, positive affects on your employees.  The following is a scope of our abilities:

  • Creating, Implementing and Evaluating wellness campaigns for your office.
    • MOVE more (a campaign to promote more physical movement each day).
    • BREATHE better (a campaign to teach stress management strategies).
    • SLEEP for more energy (a campaign to teach the enormous health benefits of better sleep).
    • MINDFUL (to increase focus, productivity & overall well-being).
  • Encouraging healthy behavior.
  • Creating and teaching educational programs to encourage and monitor healthy behaviors.
  • Goal setting.
  • One on one employee wellness coaching.
  • Group classes with certified instructors (yoga, meditation, nutrition, aerobic).
  • Program evaluation.

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