Corporate Wellness Consulting

Hire Breathe and Work, PLLC to be your partner in creating an atmosphere of wellness, productivity and fun!  In turn a wellness program will decrease office stress and save money!  Here are a few facts with links to more details:

Less time is taken off of work by employees participating in work wellness programs. 28.3 % less time off work to be exact (source: Health Promotion Practitioner Magazine). Read more here.

Studies from Healthy People illustrate that for every $1 spent on workplace wellness, medical costs decrease by about $3.27 and increases productivity, with absenteeism costs decreasing by about $2.37 (Healthy People 2020, General Health Status, 2011).  Read more here. 

We’ll work together to create a customized program to fit your environment, goals, needs and budget.

We look forward to creating a wellness plan that inspires, encourages and has lasting, positive affects on your employees.  The following is a scope of our abilities:

  • Creating, Implementing and Evaluating wellness campaigns for your office.
    • MOVE more (a campaign to promote more physical movement each day).
    • BREATHE better (a campaign to teach stress management strategies).
    • SLEEP for more energy (a campaign to teach the enormous health benefits of better sleep).
    • MINDFUL (to increase focus, productivity & overall well-being).
  • Encouraging healthy behavior.
  • Creating and teaching educational programs to encourage and monitor healthy behaviors.
  • Goal setting.
  • One on one employee wellness coaching.
  • Group classes with certified instructors (yoga, meditation, nutrition, aerobic).
  • Program evaluation.

Ready to do this?!  Call 602 694 9053 or email Shawn at to set up your free consultation now!

Hear from our clients

“Shawn has been a joy to work with! Over the past two years, she hosted a number of health and wellness lunch and learns for our employees. Our staff continues to embrace her workshops and ask for more.”  Deeann Cook, Devenney Architects

“These classes have made such a difference in my life.  Mindfulness is an incredible tool.”  -Employee at Subrosa Investigations

“Great course, very accomplished instructor.  Worth your time.”  -Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital Employee

“New & unaccustomed to any kind of meditation, Shawn made this practice achievable and relevant to everyday life.  Everyone can learn and take away a positive experience.”  -Tuft & Needle Employee

“Centered. Inspired. Energized. Thank you Shawn of Breathe and Work for another powerful Wellness Workshop. Today we learned about different communication styles – super-interesting to learn about ourselves (and our co-workers) and so valuable as we work collaboratively with our clients. The Avenue 25 team is refreshed as we embark on another productive and creative day!”  Kelly Pile, Avenue25

“Shawn helped me figure out how to manage my stress through meditation and breathing techniques.”   –Gainsight Employee