Breathe and Work offers private lessons, resort yoga, lawn yoga, corporate yoga, conference break yoga, no sweat yoga,  chair yoga, mediation, breathing strategies to reduce stress, yoga parties or a totally customized yoga package to fit your needs.

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“Her calmness forced me to calm down.  Very engaging.” 

“Calm modulated voice and powerful imagery.” 

“Most powerful was connecting with each part and organ of the body.  I have PTSD so I am not connected to my body very often.” 

“Most powerful for me was going down into a relaxed state and listening to the facilitators voice.”

Above Shawn is leading yoga before a business conference to start the day clear and focused!  Are you looking for ways to promote company culture, increase wellness and decrease stress?  Talk to the professionals at Breathe and Work about including yoga in your next company retreat, conference and in your office on a weekly basis to help your employees increase their well-being and decrease their stress.

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Why Bring Yoga into Your Office?

  1. Reduction in stress. Employees are more productive if they are releasing and managing stress. ¼ of Aetna’s workforce of 50,000 who participated in at least one yoga class reported 28 % reduction in stress.
  2. Healthier employees. A study conducted by Dr. James E. Stahl and his team at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital found that people who participated in an 8-week yoga and meditation program used 43% fewer medical services than the previous year, saving on average $2,360 per person in emergency room visits alone. This means that such yoga and meditation programs could translate into health care savings of                                           $640 to $25,500 per patient each year!
  3. More efficient employees. Aetna employees that participated in yoga were more effective on the job gaining 62 minute per week of productivity. This is an estimate of $ 3,000 per year per employee saved.
  4. Less time taken off of work by employees participating in work wellness programs. 28.3 % less time off work to be exact (source: Health Promotion Practitioner Magazine).
  5. Improved work performance: According to researchers from the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, yoga in conjunction with meditation can indeed relieve stress and improve work performance. The Stress Reduction Clinic is the oldest and largest hospital-based mind/body center of its kind in the United States, treating more than 10,000 patients since opening in 1979.
  6. FUN, FUN, FUN!
  7. Save money! Tacoma Pierce County Health Department reported on a 30 % reduction in worker’s compensation and disability claims when companies implemented a wellness plan.
  8. Team building and bonding for co-workers.

Companies like Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs, General Mills and Aetna all have yoga, meditation and/or emotional intelligence classes offered in the workplace as they know it saves money and creates healthier, happier employees.

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Together we can create a customized wellness plan that fits your budget, schedule and employees. For one company this looks like 45-minute yoga classes 2 days a week before, after or during work and for another company this is a combination of 15-minute daily yoga chair sessions, 3 minute breathing techniques to refresh, one ½ day wellness workshop and 1 hour lunch yoga a week.